“Wildlife Veterinary” Seminar

Thanks to invaluable experiences, feelings and precious memories from dedicated conservationists and vets, this Seminar has inspired the students to nurture their passion as well as orients their career. Furthermore, we can spread the message of protecting wildlife and environment to people.

On May 5th, 2018 Wildhand and Dr. Ba Tiep Nguyen – Head of Veterinary Anatomy – Histology Department, the lecturer of ‘Wildlife Diseases’ organized the Seminar ‘Vet for Wildlife’.

Thanks to the shares of 4 special speakers: an environment doctor, an animal welfare officer, a law enforcement officer and a wildlife vet, students seemed to have a clearer view about their careers. They knew more about their experiences, feelings, difficulties as well as the dangers they could meet when working with wild animals as a vet or conservationists.

To protecting wildlife, the commitment board with a slogan: ‘I pledge not to use products from wildlife’ was made as an appeal to stimulate people to protect not only wildlife but also general animals.

Mr. Minh Chau Cao, the Founder and President of the club gave a moving speech about how his Wildhand was founded and unforgettable moments of members to organize such a great event. He thanked to the speakers for their useful and interesting shares, to the students studying on ‘Wildlife Disease’ and the students from other universities for having attended in this project, to Dr. Tiep Ba Nguyen for his meaningful share about wildlife knowledge and his cooperation to make a successful Seminar. Additionally, he emphasized the important role of Wildhand team who tried their best for this project. “I believe that we can give a chance to all our wildlife to survive, to thrive, and to flourish in the wild where they belong.

The Seminar was implemented, which was not only to provide knowledge about wildlife and speakers’ career but also to find more students having a passion on wild animals and desiring to work with them, save them from poaching and give them a better future.

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