“Conservation and Tourism” Talkshow

On 12/05/2018, Talk show “Conservation and Tourism” was taken place successfully at Hanoi Hub by and Wildhand which was attracting 50 university students.

Discussions of speakers consisting of a lecture, a conservationist, and an environmental journalist brought different perspectives of using wildlife in tourism toward attendants. There were also numerous questions arisen related to how to improve both local people living standard when they stop exploiting wildlife for tourism and wildlife welfare when the circumstance continues.

The last activity was a debate. There were 5 teams that were on behalf of 5 different group including local people, local government, tourists, business people and conservationists. Owing to that, we understood more about the difficulties to make the balance among each group. Students could see the issue in their chosen perspective and understand more about challenges and difficulties which each group has to address. In conclusion, the Talk show successfully delivered main message toward attendants: “whoever you are, whatever you do, respect for animals!”


























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