“Little conservationists” Workshop

On 11st April, Wildhand organized the lesson “Little conservationists” for students at Hanoi International School with topic ‘”Wild animals”.
The sharing session aims to increase students’ knowledge about wildlife and the importance of conservation, particularly in wild animals, thereby to help them understand more about the conservationist’s work, to inspire them to love nature, and to motivate them to protect wild animals, to become little conservationists.
The lesson included 3 main parts: introduction to the concepts of wildlife, and wildlife conservation; the negative impacts of humans on wildlife; and solutions to tackle them.
Those little conservationists seemed very excited when playing the game: “Langurs, poachers and deforestation” which gives them many interesting lessons. They will know how hunters hunt wild animals and the reasons why the number of wildlife is gradually decreasing.
At the Q&A part, we were extremely surprised by their favorable responses. They enthusiastically shared their opinions about wildlife and how they felt when watching haunting images about wild animal trafficking.
The last part of the session was when students and teachers left their fingerprints and signatures on the commitment board to commit themselves not to use any products from wild animals.
In the end, we hope that those youngsters – our green sprouts, the future owners of our country will be inspired to protect wildlife and love nature because together, we can stop hunting, illegal trade as well as negative impacts of human beings on the environment to make a world without harming and killing.
Thank Hanoi International School and Mr. Currier for enthusiastic supports to make such a successful lesson.

Here are some pictures of the Workshop:


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