“Space for conservationists” Workshop

On 25/03/2018, Wildhand Club and YCC together organized the “Space for conservationist” Workshop at Veterinary Conference Room – Vietnam National University of Agriculture. This workshop was for students having passion for animals and wanting to protect wild animals as well as other animals. They were called “Young conservationists”. Moreover, it was Wildhand’s honor to have PhD. Le Khac Quyet as the main speaker, Dr. Nguyen Ba Tiep, Mr. Hoang Minh Son (lecturer of Anatomy – Histology – Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) as our guesses and students from many universities in Hanoi as attendants.

PhD. Le Khac Quyet, one of leading primate experts in Vietnam, a member of Primate Specialist Group – IUCN. He worked about Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus avunculus), one of the most endangered primates in the world. He is a wildlife photographer and wants to use his photos to inspiring people to interest in conservation.

After the share of speaker, students knew more about his career, his experience, the difficulties and risks when working as a conservationist. They got more knowledge about primates and his conserving. Therefore, students may be oriented for their future job if they want to become conservationists. They’re really interesting in this field.

The next part was game section, which made the audiences really exciting. It’s like an exam for them after sharing section.

After that, Tran Ngoc Linh – Vice President gave a speech to thank the speaker, Animal Asia, lecturer, especially Mr. Nguyen Ba Tiep and Mr. Hoang Minh Son for being along with Wildhand and students from many universities attending the workshop.

In the last section, the attendees printed their fingers and signed in commitment board to promise not to use wildlife products that call on people protect animals.

Biodiversity and major resources are not endless. Today, wild animal habitat is impacted by many factors such as climate, pollution and especially destruction of people. They poach illegally and that makes wild animals gradually become extinction.

The workshop was taken place to not only improving knowledge about primates,  wild animals and conservation work but also to find some people having the same passion for wildlife to protect them together.

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