Storytelling Series

“Storytelling Series” is the collaboration between Wildhand and Young Conservationists Club and is funded by Animals Asia. The series consist of 15 story videos of 15 dedicated conservationists from all over the world who all share the same passion for wildlife. These video portray the memories, the experiences, and the path that led them to the world of conservation. Therefore, viewers will have the full understanding and true perspective about being a conservationist, as well as pros and cons of being one.

1, HOPE – Mike’s Story

1, HOPE is an emotional story from Dr. Michael Slattery, who hopes to encourage the Vietnamese youths to take action and raise their voices to save one of our magnificent species - the rhinos. "Because if the buying stops, the killing will stop too and this magnificent species, the picture of which you see behind me here would be on this planet for a decade to count"